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The Master Class in cultivating camera ready magnetism, on point videos and how to step into your spotlight.


It’s a fact. The fastest way to cut thru the cyber noise and reach your audience is thru the video medium. And if your videos are top notch, content rich, overflowing with expertise and look ridiculously amazing, well it goes without saying you have a much better chance of going viral, outperforming the competition and building a tribe of loyal fans. Business goals, right? I like where your heads at.

You could scour the internet, buy an on-camera program here, a styling program there and a brand presence training right next door and then try and cobble something together. Good luck with that.

Or you could save yourself the trouble and the get the most bangin’ head to toe solo study On-Camera Program this side of you YouTube.

Spotlight is the culmination of over a decade of my personal performance experience and features my groundbreaking Magnetic Factor Process. It’s the cream in your coffee, the sugar on top, it’s that unique spark you possess that people can’t get enough of. The part of you that’s celebrity driven and unapologetically newsworthy. And when we can access it and weave it into the work you do on-camera, oh baby, you’ll send the competition packing.

I’ve created 5 modules that are bursting at the seams with everything personal video. If you want to stay exactly where you are then read no further. But if you’re ready to shoot for the stars, increase sales and up your street cred then here’s how it breaks down:

The Goods

  • Discover your unique Magnetic Factor
  • Cultivate your Magnetic Personal Style
  • On Camera wardrobe styling
  • Create your unique on camera set
  • Activate your Magnetic Presence
  • Broadcast your brand message
  • Cultivate charisma
  • On-Camera Confidence
  • 3 minutes to instant accessibility
  • Expert memorization tips
  • Pre performance exercises
  • Camera ready makeup tips
Step into your
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