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A 12 week dive into polishing
your magnetic factor and creating the

Signature Talk

of a lifetime.

When it comes to not only reaching and connecting with your audience but attracting an insanely huge legion of obsessed fans, your Signature Talk is THE secret weapon every entrepreneur needs in their back pocket.

A Signature Talk isn’t just any old talk. Your Signature Talk is your elevator pitch on steroids. It’s that perfect blend of all the things that make you engaging. It’s a sneak peak into who you really are and what you’re here to give. It’s your business, your philosophy your promise, your story, your mission and, the cherry on top, your unique personality, crafted to cut thru, create celebrity and convert window shoppers into actual customers.

When done well a Signature Talk creates credibility, trust and yeh, lots and lots of business.

Not all Signature Talks are built the same. Uncovering and polishing your personal Magnetic Factor is ground zero for me and always where I start. Think of it as your undiscovered celebrity self just dying to get out. The part of you that people can’t take their eyes off, that magnetizes people to you and creates instant connection. It’s this element that puts your Signature Talk not only on the map but head and shoulders above the rest.

Using meaningful personal stories and how you can really serve your audience, my process gets to the heart and soul of what you have to offer and puts it out there like the pro you are. I then give you tools to customize your talk across all platforms. TedTalk, live stream, interview, webinar, you name it, even on the fly. So you’ll never get caught with your pants down.

A Signature Talk is not about making a hard sell. When you’ve got a great one, the beauty is it sells itself. It magnetizes people and opportunities to you by creating expert status. They can’t get enough of what you have to say and what you have to offer. You become known for your Signature Talk, business is booming and your celebrity status spreads like wildfire.

Sound Good?

Let the games begin

Here’s what we’ll do together

  • 90 minute initial deep dive
  • 11 x 45 minute celebrity polishing sessions
  • Unlimited email support as your communication advisor
  • Uncover your unique Magnetic Factor
  • Brand clarity and sculpting
  • Brand vision and direction
  • Get in touch with your authentic voice
  • Clarity on where you want to go. Think big!!
  • Targeting stories that amplify what you do
  • Streamline your stories for maximum impact
  • Camera Ready Style + Makeup
  • On-Camera Mind Hack Mastery
  • How to work the Camera
  • Speak your way to Authority
  • How to be an effective master communicator
  • Become a Thought Leader
  • Customize your Signature Talk
  • Speak your way to Authority
  • How to be an effective master communicator
  • Become a thought leader
  • Customize your Signature Talk
  • Tips and tricks to make adjustments to your talk in real time

Sweeten your

Signature Talk.

A Signature Talk is like a box of macarons…
Distinctive, unique, never one note and something you’ll remember forever.

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you can get started?

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