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There’s events.

Then there’s unforgettable experiences.

There’s more to designing a live event than having the right tapas and the most in-demand event planner. That’s all icing on the cake. The look and feel of your event is an extension of your personal brand, a vision for the outcome and most importantly the experience you want your guests to have.

That’s where I come in.

We’ll start by looking at the content that you’re planning to present and I’ll help you plan an engaging itinerary, way of presenting it and thru line that makes sense for who you are, what your brands about and the message you want to deliver.

What’s the journey? What do you want them to learn? What is the live experience of your brand you want your guests to remember? Where would you like this to lead long term? These are all important things to explore and are the backbone of any unforgettable event.

Thru our work together you’ll develop a Producer’s intuition for creating events that will not only have them talking long after the parties over but you’ll also learn to create a platform for designing live experiences that are profitable for both you and your audience.


The Goods

  • 90 minute groundwork laying session
  • 3 follow up event creation sessions
  • Designing your event with a theme that matches your vision
  • Speak with authority at your own event
  • Seamless personal brand integration
  • Creating an overall vibe and feel
  • An event itinerary the flows
  • Creating memorable and engaging content
  • Step by step execution plan
  • Unlimited email support throughout the process
  • An unforgettable event that will create long term connections and build a fan base

Want more info on how
you can get started?

Talk to Me.