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You’ve got the content, you’ve got the vision now you need someone to put it all together…

The right way.


A Webinar Reboot

You’ve been down this road. You thought you had it all together. And then launch day arrives. Crickets. Where did things go wrong?

Sometimes our first attempt to launch doesn’t always roll out the way we’d like. There’s a lot to consider. Flow of the content, your performance, your copy, production value and all that technical stuff that can be overwhelming. I get it. Don’t stress.

Think of your first run as a dress rehearsal. Now I’m going to get you ready for prime time. Using your unique Magnetic Factor, we can take that great foundation you’ve built and turn it into something pretty freakin’ spectacular.

Whether you’re working on a web series, special launch or a digital program I gotcha covered.




Here’s how we’ll make this happen

  • 90 minute foundation laying session
  • 11 x 45 minute celebrity polishing sessions
  • Unlimited email supporter as a communication advisor
  • Fond your authentic voice
  • Develop the perfect webinar script
  • Brand cohesive slides
  • Camera Ready Style + Makeup
  • Customize webinar for your program launch
  • Customize webinar for your evergreen
  • How to shine when you’re not on camera
  • How to connect when you who can’t see who you’re talking to.
  • A custom launch day plan
  • Flow of content for a seamless roll out Fearless performance chops
  • On-Camera Mind Hack Mastery
  • Build memorization muscle
  • Cultivate your Magnetic Personal Style
  • Create a brand ready on camera set
  • Cultivate your Magnetic Presence
  • Broadcast your brand message
  • Instant Charisma Techniques
  • Total-Camera Confidence
  • Speak your way to authority
  • Expert presentation tips
  • Pre performance mind set exercises
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you can get started?

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