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I’m Keri and I’ve spent the last decade speaking internationally in every corner of the globe. I’ve clocked a lot of time on a lot of stages. And if there’s one thing I know for sure, in order to make it to the “big time” in any business, you need to not only master the art of making instant connection with your audience, you need to master the art of being 100% YOU.

That’s Where Your Personal

Magnetic Factor™

Comes In.

Magnetic Factor™ is one part charisma, one part personality and a whole lotta soul. It’s that one special quality that only you have. It’s the part of you that is perfectly imperfect, uniquely you and totally unforgettable. It effortlessly magnetizes people and opportunities to you. It makes you stand out, people can’t take their eyes off you, what you say has impact and your ability to instantly connect is off the charts.


Because it’s 100% authentic.

Celebrities are oozing with it.

World leaders have mastered it.

And when you tap into it, the world is your oyster… with pearls, please.

I work with high level business leaders to craft a Signature Talk using their unique Magnetic Factor™ that they can customize across any platform. Together, we’ll create a fully branded, targeted and perfectly polished Signature Talk that will blow the competition away and keep your audience coming back for more.

So whether it’s a Ted Talk, webinar, live event or your personal videos you will be able to bring something seriously stellar to the stage and table. That’s my mission and my passion.

My goal isn’t to fix you or change you or turn you into someone you’re not. That’s not my thing. My philosophy is “come as you are”. Embracing your imperfections, being true to you and finding your authentic voice.

That’s where the magic is. The good stuff. The juicy stuff. The stuff that makes you utterly unforgettable. So you can take the stage, stand in front of any audience with confidence and step into those super star shoes you were always mean to fill.

Will you stand out? Absolutely.
Will you build an audience? That goes without saying.
Will there be cash and prizes? I’d bet my life on it.
But most importantly, we’ll design a platform
for you to shine in all your authentic glory.

Ready for your closeup?

Step into my office.

Professional Bio

Keri has spent the past decade speaking internationally in venues both large and small. Born in Taiwan and armed with a PhD, 3 masters degrees and years of clinical experience, she entered the corporate world as an accomplished and in demand healthcare professional. Quickly recognizing her talent for live speaking and communicating difficult concepts and data in a relatable way, she was sent on the road leading numerous expert panels and international symposiums and training other executives and business professionals on a global level to do the same.

A decade later, with many awards under her belt, Keri has risen to the top of her field and is ready to share her skills with the entrepreneurial world at large. With the rise of YouTube and TedTalk opportunities and not many experts to provide real world training, Keri has made it her mission to train successful entrepreneurs one speaker at a time. When Keri isn’t creating top shelf programs, hitting the stage or training others internationally, she can be found basking on exclusive and far flung beaches. You can take the girl out of the island but you can’t take the island out of the girl.